Kate Baird

~ Power Goddess ~





Montage by Hank Stoklosa







430 Raw Deadlift

02/10/2007 @ 160 lbs.






Photo Gallery 1



Photo Gallery 2

Brad Vargason

All time world record holder 181lb. division

Tone Barbaccio

He makes everybody look tiny!

Clyde Carr -

My favorite photographer and DJ extraordinaire

National BB Competitors -

Deniz Odar and Justine Dohring

Broderick Chavez

My counterpart & Delaware APF Chairman, he is the man behind the Power Goddess

Jon Stoklosa

My hero and good friend

Robyn Lupton

Beautiful and Very Strong!

“Big Al” Fortney

He’s Big and He’s Al

Len Walker -

National level powerlifter and very good friend


Kate -

Uses “APT” wrist and knee wraps.

The great Jack Osborne -

Owner of The Training Center And a major support factor in the rise of the Power Goddess. Thans for all you do for me, Jack!

Paul Timmons -

Owner of The Firm, where we call “Home”. Awe inspiring triathlete.

First man to swim from Cape May to Cape Henlopen - 7hours 15 min.

George Wilson

Senior Olympics and Masters’ Powerlifting Champion and frequent training partner!

Annie Rivieccio -

gives B a headlock in Miami!

Dr. Michael Granberry

just prior to performing Lasik surgery on my eyes

Raw bencher Scott Kuzma -

Strong as Heck, with legs to die for.

Mighty bench presser Shawn Lattimer -

The day he smoked 875!

Henri Skiba

Skiba’s Barbell Club Carteret NJ Man with a heart of Gold!

Hey Look! It’s Brad Vargason!

Zane, Sandi, and Kerri McCaslin –

Powerlifting’s First Family

The Tremendously Powerful

Stella Krupinski