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*Note From The Genius


    Kate Baird is quickly becoming recognized as one of the top physique/strength athletes in the world today, and I'm constantly humbled by the meteoric success we've shared. Kate is not only a "client" of mine but was and regularly still is my training partner, something 100's were unable to live up to! The only thing that surpasses Kate's near limitless genetic potential is her mental drive and determination.

    Kate's success is in my mind a classic example of having everything in place, great genetics, determination and work ethic & a great plan! Though I only brought one of those items to the table I'm proud to have had and continue to make my contribution to the creation of  what is and will be a truly an awe-inspiring masterpiece!


Broderick L. Chavez





    I was born on November 17 in Wilmington, Delaware. I grew up in typical ďsuburbiaĒ, an ordinary girl. I was actually quite shy, even into my adult life, though most of those who know me, except for those who know me quite well, will refute that fact. Because of my shyness and timid ness, I never put forth the effort when I was younger to explore and nurture any of the talents that I had, athletically, artistically or otherwise I was always a bit offbeat, and because of my inability to accept conformity, I was seen as being quite outgoing and confident. Self esteem was something I didnít have until I was in my 40ís. Iíve grown a lot since I turned 40.

    My fascination with strength and bodybuilding came one day when I was 10 or 11. My father was watching the Wide World of Sports and the show was televising the Mr. Universe that Sunday afternoon. I watched with fascination, as Arnold, Franco, and Lou posed down. I knew right then and there that someday I would be a bodybuilder, too. Of course, in the beginning of the 1970ís, girls just didnít do that kind of thing. I watched in fascination as Lisa Lyon came to the forefront in the late 70ís, always hoping that I could find someone to show me how to lift weights and grow muscles.

    In the early 1980ís, I began dating someone who worked out, and it was then that I began my early training with a small set of plastic weights in the basement of his friendsí house in South Philadelphia. After a year or so, I joined the YMHA on Broad Street. Finally, a real gym! I worked out hard from the beginning, most of the time by myself, learning the ropes through reading the various publications, and trying things out in the gym. I think people usually assumed that I knew exactly what I was doing,, basing that on the fact that I always went in and gave it my all each time I trained.

    After I got married in 1990, I had a child, started a new career, life happened and the dreams got put on the back burner. I continued to workout in my backyard with my own dumbbells and bench, albeit these workouts were to stay in shape, nothing like the workouts I used to know. I tried joining a gym once or twice while my son was young, but my ex-husband was a chef and was never home, and my career in real estate was not exactly profitable in the beginning. I couldnít afford a babysitter. I stayed in the backyard.

    I slipped a disc in my back in 2001. That sure changed my life for a long time. One day in the fall of 2003 I just simply decided that my back was healed enough, and it was time to go back to the gym. It was automatic iron fever once again. It didnít take very long for people to start asking me if I competed in bodybuilding. I gather that was based upon the fact that I have been blessed with that right shape, and the fact that I still continued to train fervently and with purpose. That planted the seed to revive the dream I always had Ė to be a competitive bodybuilder.  After only being back in the gym less than 10 months, I actually won the NPC 2004 DE State Overall title.  During my diet preparation, I actually got vary sick and decided to give this competition up. Luckily I had friends who talked me back into it (though that really didnít take any arm twisting!). After three weeks off the diet, two weeks of no training, I went back on the diet with less than three weeks to go, and still won, much to my surprise. I had hundreds of dollars worth of blood tests taken during this time, and this is when they discovered that I have blood sugar issues Ė borderline diabetis. My problems were due to severe drops in blood sugar and a virus on top of that. Iíve since learned to keep the carbs up! (sorry all you low carb fanatics).

    While I was training for that first contest, I met and became fast friends with a world-class powerlifter and former champion bodybuilder Ė Broderick Chavez. It was through his encouragement and direction that I really began to see that I could take this sport to the levels I desired. I was already  stronger than the average girl. Broderick spotted this right off the bat and nurtured me. He had me enter my first powerlifting meet as a way of  keeping my size and strength as a prelude to a bodybuilding competition. I know now that he was secretly prepping me for a future in a sport I have become quite passionate about. Before this, I didnít know anything about powerlifting. I didnít squat, I didnít bench, and I didnít even know how a deadlift was performed!

    I entered my first powerlifting competition in May, 2005. My lifts were actually very competitive in this meet, considering I had only been ďpowerĒ training for a few months. I was hooked.  I still continue to compete now and then in bodybuilding contests, however, I donít think anything matches the satisfaction of getting under that heavy bar loaded with iron  - pushing or pulling and rising above the challenge. Currently, I choose to lift without the squat suit and the bench shirt. I have nothing against geared lifting, but personally I just find it cumbersome and annoying to wear it. I may change my mind in the future, but right now ďrawĒ is where I am focused.

     My competitive future goals include both powerlifting and bodybuilding. I plan to be around the lifting platform and the posing dais for quite a while.


This progression of pictures shows clearly what can be accomplished with good genetics, hard work and an "EvilGenius"


                                                                       2004@124             2005@135           2006@145            2007@150